Leigh Melrose

A new production of Quartett at the Royal Opera House/ROH2

“Kristin Chavez and Leigh Melrose give terrifically committed and skillful performances”
The Telegraph, 19 June 2014

“It’s not a joyous show, then, but in John Fulljames’s intense production I found it engrossing, especially the interaction between two brilliant singer-actors: Kirstin Chavez as the dishevelled but still competitive Merteuil; Leigh Melrose, out-sneering even John Malkovich (if such is possible) as a posturing, sardonic Valmont who has clearly crossed into insanity and a nihilism born of an inability to love the one person who understands him.”
The Times, 19 June 2014

“The intensity of the performances by Kirstin Chavez and Leigh Melrose – claustrophobic, heady, unfiltered – depict a pair who are intimate enough to openly parade their most deplorable features. Melrose in particular enters the role with abandon and sings with great stamina.”
The Stage, 19 June 2014